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Technical Soni Plugga 2024

Our programs bulk post, comment, like, do SEO, send SMS, Whatsapp, email marketing, make bulk ads, post in groups, comment in bulk, share videos on social networks, send SMS, send whatsapp and do more than 90 actions in your networks​
Get rid of boring and repetitive tasks, save time, put our programs to work for you automatically…


Facebook Marketing Tools​

  1. Facebook Post Groups : Make posts in groups with option to schedule posts.
  2. Facebook Post Discussion Groups : Posts in groups in the discussion tab.
  3. Facebook Add Users : add users.
  4. Facebook Multi Messenger : Sending bulk messages to users.
  5. Facebook Auto Sales : Announce publication in multiple groups.
  6. Facebook Profile Management : Likes, comments and shares the timeline posts.
  7. Facebook Add Groups : Groups participated.
  8. Facebook Unfollow Groups : Leave the groups you are a part of.
  9. Facebook Share Posts : Shares in groups posting.
  10. Facebook Share Links : Share links in groups.
  11. Facebook Invite to Like Reaction : Invites users who responded to the posts of your pages to fan page.
  12. Facebook Post Profiles :posting on users wall.
  13. Facebook Post Comments : comments post.
  14. Facebook Comments Inbox Reply : Responds comments per post.
  15. Facebook Comment Extractor : Extracts users who commented on a post.
  16. Facebook Post UP : Comments on posts to give a UP.
  17. Facebook Hunter Posts : Adds members groups.
  18. Facebook Groups Add Members : Adds members groups.
  19. Facebook Reaction Extractor : Extract users who reacted to a post.
  20. Facebook Friend Extractor : Extract group members.
  21. Page Likes Extractor : Extract group members.
  22. Group Member Extractor : Extract group members.
  23. Facebook Invite to Like : Invite friends to enjoy pages.
  24. Facebook Auto Responder Comments : Responds comments threads.
  25. Facebook Messenger Recording : Send messages to users by recording audio.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools​

  1. Multi Whatsapp : This program makes it easy to send the messages you want to your contact list, don’t do it one by one!Highlight: Registration of multiple numbers and rotation of these accounts when sending, this program works in the background.
  2. Multi Whatsapp – Chip Heater It : heats up accounts talking to each other, you put several accounts in the program, and it sends random messages raffling the numbers that are registered there, this does with Whatsapp
  3. Recording Messages : Sending recorded audio messages automatically. The program reads the computer’s speaker and sends it as if it had recorded there at that moment, avoiding you doing it manually.
  4. Whatsapp Groups Messenger – Tagging : Send messages in the group by tagging members. Imagine that you join a group, extract all the people and, when you want to send messages, tag these people in the groups. In this way each one receives a notification as if they were private messages.
  5. Whatsapp Messenger : Send private messages, one by one, with a single account, to your list. Contacts or not, with images and files.
  6. Whatsapp Groups Hunter : In groups published by its administrators on Google, it extracts groups by keywords on Google, 70% correct, because it is not always what we are looking for is the result that Google brings us.
  7. Whatsapp for Groups : Sending messages to existing groups, now you don’t have to do it yourself. You can join hundreds of groups, imagine a program that tracks them all and sends messages to all of them.
  8. Whatsapp Multi Groups : Create groups and add members and send messages at the time you create, don’t waste any more time, create several groups and send messages at the time of creation.
  9. Whatsapp List Separator : Filters numbers by separating numbers with or without Messenger in a simple and super fast way.
  10. Whatsapp Extractor : Extractor of group numbers, conversations or contacts from wa.

Telegram Marketing Tools​

  1. Telegram Mass Messages : At the request of several of our customers we started managing and automating Instagram in 2020, our program sends mass messages, with options to increase productivity by avoiding blocks.
  2. Messages for Group Members : How about sending bulk messages to Telegram group members?
  3. Telegram Groups Hunter : It extracts groups on Google, using keywords, in this way you can choose the groups you will participate to send your messages later
  4. Telegram Groups Messenger : Tracks and sends messages within the groups you participate in

Google Marketing Tools​

  1. Google Groups Add Emails : This program solves the problem of adding email lists in Google Groups, when you set up a group in Google Groups it is practically impossible to keep registering emails by email, imagine doing this with 100,000 emails? Our program solves this.
  2. Google Maps Hunter : This program locates by city and keyword, whatever you need, and removes the data registered in Google Maps, such as name, phone number, address, email etc.

Youtube Tools​

  1. YouTube Hunter : From a channel or video search, this program searches channels and videos for contact data, such as telephone and email, extracts this data and assembles a list for you to use in your marketing
  2. YouTube Auto Share : Share videos on multiple social networks, thus increasing the visualization of your videos, can be used in any video of any channel
  3. YouTube Live Audience : Adds audience to lives by commenting, liking and subscribing with multi-channel/multi-tabs
  4. YouTube Uploader : Upload videos to multiple channels
  5. YouTube Audience – Comments Manager : Do you have a lot of comments? Why not answer everyone you want by doing a search like YouTube allows?
  6. YouTube Subscribers : Add subscribers to channels, using other channels you’ve created, each email account allows you to create 100 channels.
  7. YouTube Likes Likes : videos, the intention is that when you upload a video to YouTube, use all your channels to like the videos you uploaded
  8. YouTube Subscribers comment : Comment on subscriber videos
  9. YouTube Comment Reply : Reply to video comments, reply to everything commented on the video you choose…
  10. YouTube Views : Adds views to videos, increasing the way youtube treats your channel, thus having even more organic views.
  11. YouTube Auto Subscribe : It extracts channels and subscribes to all of them, imagine taking all your YouTube channels and use some to subscribe to others?

Twitter Tools​

  1. Twitter Post Comment : Extract a list of posts, based on your search with any keyword, and comment on all posts with whatever you want.
  2. MultiTweet Plus : Based on a keyword, Tweets to Users and/or Hastags and extracts users
  3. Twitter Followers : Follow twitter users, based on a keyword you choose.
  4. Re-Twiiters : How about taking a twitter, even if it’s yours and spreading it across the platform, with the sole intention of being seen, clicked, watched, commented on, liked…
  5. Twitter Auto Likes : Likes posts in bulk with the option to retweet the post you liked.

Instagram Tools​

  1. Instagram Extractor Plus : It extracts followers, comments and likes at high speed, it can be used in other programs for Instagram.
  2. Instagram Follow : Follow users in bulk, you can extract before and put this program just to follow in bulk. By following people you previously filtered out, you will have 30% to 70% of the same people following you back.
  3. Instagram Suggestions : Follow all the suggestions that Instagram shows you en masse, thus increasing the amount of people who follow you back, which is around 30%, then you can use our other program to clean who you follow.
  4. Instagram Unfollow Unfollows : users in bulk and unfollows all requests that have been sent.
  5. Instagram Messenger Plus : Sends bulk messages to users that you previously extracted.
  6. Instagram Auto Tag : Tag multiple profiles in any post you choose.
  7. Instagram More Followers : Follows users, likes posts and extracts contact information by geolocation or hashtag filter.
  8. Instagram User Separator : Separates users by keyword targeting. You import a list and segment it however you like.
  9. Instagram Likes : Likes posts from users, you import a list of users, mark how many posts you want to like, and put them to like in bulk.

Linkedin Tools​

  1. Linkedim Marketing Plus : 1 – Add contacts (connections),2 – Send Messages

Scrape Tools​

  1. Google Smart Hunter : It does a smart search on Google, extracting phones and emails, always based on the keywords you choose, this way you can build your personalized list of contacts to send your advertisement and make your mkt

SEO Tools​

  1. Blogger : Bulk Blogs, automatic content linked directly to your site
  2. Google Maps SEO : Register your company in dozens of places on Google Maps, so you will be found wherever the user is, based on their browser, when you only have a registered location, Google Maps prioritizes and shows you only to those who search in your Region.
  3. TSR Light2 : page generator for Keywords.

OLX Marketing Tools​

  1. Chat Plus : Classifieds Bulk Messages for OLX ads, based on the search you have done on the site
  2. Hunter Plus Classifieds : Extraction of phones from OLX ads, based on your search
  3. Hunter PT classifieds : for Portugal. Phone extraction from OLX ads, based on your search

Email Tools​

  1. TML Direct Mail – Free Providers : Our Email Marketing has free and easy-to-create accounts for sending messages, making it easy to enter the email in the inbox and avoid being taxed as spam.
  2. Direct Mail : It does the same as the previous one, but waits for a shipment to finish before starting the other, it also works with multiple accounts.
  3. Google Photos Share : Shares media + text to google users or linked
  4. PayPal Sender : Uses PayPal Billing as a means of direct mail, you can import a list of emails and use PayPal to send your message uninterruptedly, in the form of a PayPal billing.

Skype Tools​

  1. Skype Marketing : Search Skype users by keyword,Add found users to your contact list,Send messages to your newly added contact list.

SMS Tools​

  1. Android Multi Messaging : Sends bulk messages using the Google Mengesns APP mirroring, similar to Whatsapp it uses the computer screen to send messages
  2. SMS Multi Modens : Send bulk messages using 3G/4G Minimodens, you can connect several modems to your computer and send large amounts of SMS


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